Thursday, June 12, 2014

Revamped blog

A brief post from me as I haven't posted since February due to work commitments.

Lots of things have changed recently in terms of creative direction - the downside of having worked in a commercial studio is that you lose your creative identity along the way and rediscovering it is somewhat of a challenge. I feel like I have dilly-dallied for some time now and also dabbled here and there in terms of styles. So now having finally decided on where my creative groove is heading,  I felt it was time to reflect those changes with a new look blog and a brand new website, so have taken the plunge and moved it all over to Gill Eggleston Design just in the last month or so. Et voila!

(but I plan to still use Pattern Addict for Facebook and social media for the time being...)


Gill x

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